8 thoughts on “Programmer remix-by popular demand!”

  1. The reason this has been filed under my name is that I made fun of it in a comment which was afterwards removed; this comic was written before the site had ever heard of me.

    I hope that the site authors will be honest and leave the comment this time, rather than pretending this comic was about me when in fact it is not.

    It’s quite interesting that they’ve chosen to publish my real name, when I had personally chosen not to.

    But hey, at least we know why they’re not getting that promotion they keep complaining about, with grammar and art skills like those.

    At least they chose to fix the mistakes I pointed out before making it appear that I’m the person they are discussing. You can see the original image on my site, where people have not attempted to punish anyone for pointing out mistakes.


    Hilariously, in editing the text, they’ve made several new mistakes. However, since I’ve seen how they handled the last batch, this time I’ll let their professional skills stand.

  2. Please get the handle, too. I appreciate your removing my name, but I don’t want my handle on a comic about incompetence if I’m not allowed to speak there.

  3. Yes but on the flipside there’s the guy who, having recently maxed out his credit card to buy a mac, thinks that he has immediately become a better designer than any person using a PC, even if his work is totally lame.

    Any hack can buy a mac.

  4. I think justin.allan nailed it. It’s like someone had a Mac vs. PC argument in real life (“yeah, but I can upgrade everything in my PC”) and is frustrated that they ended up looking like an Apple-Luddite, ignorant of the very machinery they use every day. Let’s look at the flip side of the text from the authors perspective:

    “Designers usually use macs; they’re so stupid” — “I use a mac; Someone made me feel stupid.”
    “Telling people I built my own machine makes me feel powerful” — “Hearing someone built their own machine makes me feel weak”
    “Who would hire just a designer…” — “No one will hire me. I’m just a designer.”

    Pretty revealing, huh? Changing parts in your computer isn’t pretentious, and it isn’t trivial or useless. In this industry, it’s pretty common to upgrade any and every part of your computer to keep up with client demands. Add more ram, upgrade the processor, stick in a new graphics card so you can get your new reel rendered faster.

    This strip also stems from the fact that designers can’t merely be designers anymore. Yeah, you’re probably going to learn some HTML/CSS to make it these days. People who code and design are becoming the norm (you just described every Flash designer).

    This strip feels more like pure bitterness, rather than satire.

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